oil painting reproductions for non-billionaires

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There are many paintings available that I would want on my wall. The Starry Night, Adele Broch-Bauer I, a few of Monet’s Water Lilies and perhaps Degas’ Bathers to name a few. All exceptionally exquisite pieces of art, all exceptionally valuable, all with their origins in the developments of the impressionism.

On the other hand, if I really had my choice, if I could really have ANY painting I wanted, if I could truly progress from the artistic to the literary level, I might go a somewhat different way. I might instead opt for The Picture of Dorian Grey. I mean think about it. While all the above masterpieces are immortal, this is the only one that is actually directly linked to the life of one. And while all other start stays the same, or at least fall about and degrade in rather predictable ways, this one moves in much more dynamic ways, and there is really no telling which kind of abandonment the image will suffer next? Additionally, what other piece of art really gives you bargaining power with an immortal? There is really something to be said for that kind of influence!

Of course, in this true world we live in, neither fountain of youth or the paintings to control it is readily obtainable. If they were, portrait paintings would certainly be doing brisker business, but it is an interesting thought.

I guess I might instead opt for a painting sure to get conversions started. The Mona Lisa, the Last Supper or maybe The Creation of Adam would all look great over my green IKEA couch. How is that for shock and astonishment. Nobody would have any clue what hit them once they entered the living room. “Yes, I know it used to be at the Louvre, but life is Paris is overrated anyway”.

I could of course also get around these intricacies by having reproduction art made of the Mona Lisa, The Last Supper or whatever else my impulsive mind can come up with. Trust me, I have and am still considering it. They would be less vulnerable that the original, better able to resist a bit of cigarette smoke and some flashes, and without any doubt be more sensitive to my individual finances.

But it still leaves me with choices to make. Because what would actually be my preferred motive, when everything is achievable. With immortality and multimillionaire collections denied, what would I actually prefer to put on my wall.

The answer is: “it depends on the room”. While Klimt’s The Virgin would do great in my bedroom, I might not want it anywhere else. And while The Bathers might be cool in the bathroom, they would not fit in my kitchen. On the other hand some still life could probably fit the two the kitchen and living room – particularly if it contained apples.

Such are the many choices and I am working on it. Of course I am also working on becoming an instantaneous millionaire, a date with Paris Hilton and quitting my job at the first given chance. But at least it is a first step. Let’s see if I ever make it beyond that.

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oil painting reproductions for non-billionaires

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This article was published on 2010/12/17