Oil Painting Pictures For Decorating Your Abode

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If you are new to the joys of art collecting, the sheer variety of oil painting pictures available on the market today may overwhelm you when it comes to trying to decide what to purchase. Oil paintings are a great long-term investment and the versatility of the medium allows artists to create an limitless variety of images. There are many places that sell art, so you can have plenty of fun exploring different avenues.

You might consider a trip to a local art gallery when they are having a particular art exhibition, or you could check out local auction houses. Very often art is sold on auction. Alternatively craft markets, seaside markets and second hand or antique furniture stores often have oil paintings for sale. You are sure to find something that you find beautiful and want to purchase for your home.

An artwork is designed to invoke emotions in the viewer and above all else, a work of art should move you on an emotional level and should appeal to your senses. Rather than buying an extremely expensive art piece, or simply purchasing work by an artist who is currently popular, you should focus on finding a beautiful artwork that you would love to have in your home.

Art has many genres and styles and you can enjoy a wonderful journey of discovery as you learn about different artists, their styles and decide on whether that particular artistic style appeals to you. Whichever artist or movement you prefer, try to find art that will complement your overall theme in your abode. Take into account factors like the size of the painting, its color, textures and theme.

A blank focal wall in a main room in your home would be the ideal place to showcase a large, bold painting, but bear in mind that a smaller image may look totally lost on a focal wall. Adversely, a very large painting with a bold theme may overwhelm a smaller area, so choose carefully and with forethought when buying art for your home. Try to pick artwork that complements your overall style.

Color and content is an important consideration, as you want your artwork to add to the overall atmosphere of the room. A modern room with a minimal feel, containing furniture with strong clean lines and somber coloration immediately invokes a completely different atmosphere to a room full of antique, decorative furnishings and cottage charm.

Naturally the two different spaces would likely have very different art to complement the atmosphere in each room. The same can be said for the lighting, which is of extreme importance when it comes to artwork. A well lit painting can draw the eye to the focal point in the room. Lighting is very varied and subtly colored lighting can make a vast difference to the visual impact of a painting.

Oil painting pictures can do much to create the atmosphere in any room in your home. It is a useful tip to continue the color theme in the painting by picking a particular color and reflecting this in furnishings or accessories chosen for the area. A portrait of a woman in a green hat, as an example, would be complimented by placing green candles on the mantelpiece, or by choosing curtaining or cushions that have green tones in them.

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Oil Painting Pictures For Decorating Your Abode

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This article was published on 2010/11/10