Natural Art From People's Intelligence

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Whether for house decorations or friend gifts, most people trend to choose the deep meaning goods, such as graceful, healthy related... therefore, natural art are becoming more and more popular and eye-catching from the market among people.

Yes, natural art is created from nature and common life. It features the things that most happens around us. Seeing more modern, fashion, and luxurious things, people still like to taste all kinds of art. They seem to and be able to give people a kind of quiet, relax and enjoyment from heart.

Such as Chinese peasant paintings, which are most created by Chinese farmers or peasant artists are almost features the peaceful daily life of peasant. Women are weaving together; naive children are playing extreme happy; men are working in the field or enjoying their work and so forth. From these paintings, we could see the realistic, harmonious and the primitive beauty of life and enthusiasm for life.

I can't help introducing another natural art - wheat stalk pictures. This really reflects the intelligence of people, because all the pictures no matter what design, animals or characters, are weaved with wheat stalk which are from natural material and do not harm to people's health. It also can be called handicraft art, because wheat stalk pictures are all weaved by hands careful and after some processes, we could see these vivid and charming pictures.

Actually, each of the wheat stalk pictures not only is perfect for people to appreciation but has deep and different meaning for people to enjoy. Some means auspicious, some means happiness, and longevity or prosperity, etc.

If you want to know more information on Chinese peasant paintings or wheat stalk pictures or other Chinese traditional folk art, come to Chinese handicraft store and to enjoy those fascinate creations.

Natural art is worthy for people to enjoy and most people will prefer it. Don't think they are far from us. In fact, we are in nature and they are close to us. When you online again, try to find some arts you like and you will be impressed with these things that you may don't know before.

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Natural Art From People's Intelligence

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This article was published on 2010/03/26