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For the art enthusiast, the destination for a holiday can instead be determined by what there is to see at the location. As most of the accessible art these days can be found indoors in museums, the question turns into what museums the particular place has to offer. Especially the significant metropolitan parts of the world have an abundance to offer here. London has the Tate, Tokyo offers e.g. the Bridgestone Museum of Art, France has the Louvre, Holland the Van Gogh Museum and Barcelona the Picasso Museum. All are in fact splendid museums and great places. However, for the dedicated museum fan, there is nowhere like New York City.

The king of the hill along with New York hotels is the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Founded in New york in 1870, it has a large number of extensive collections, from classical antique to modern art. On this last subject, New York’s Museum of Modern Arts may be said to be more all-encompassing, but that is a issue of degrees and as the Metropolitan Museum of Art also contains so many other collections, it without any doubt comes out on top as a entirety. 2 million square foot of exhibits spread over 26 structures is just impossible to compete with.

And the modern arts collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art is not unimpressive either. With works of Picasso, Jackson Pollock, Vermeer, Cezanne and many others, it indeed has a collection that would be the envy of many other museums around the world. Among the key works are Picasso’s portrait of Gertrude Stein, 37 alternative canvasses by Claude Monet and the largest collection of Vermeer anywhere in the world. The latest high-end purchase by the museum was Duccio’s “Madonna and Child” for which it paid more than USD 45 million. In total, more than 10.000 works of art can be found in the modern arts collection alone. It is indeed a rewarding destination for these pieces alone.

However, the Metropolitan Museum of Art contains a great deal more. Take just the Japanese collection. There you can find Hokusai’s “The Great Wave off Kanagawa”, among the most iconic of Japanese art prints. It belongs to the category of prints that inspired the likes of Claude Monet to make European Impressionism. As such, not only the works but the connections between eras and art forms are available during the vast museum grounds. From the Byzantine to the American, the African to the Asian and everywhere in between, the complete collection at the Metropolitan Museum of Art stand second to none.

So should your way pass through New York, or are you preparing your next art viewing trip, then do not miss the jewel of the New York Art Scene, the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Like the Louvre in Paris, it requires you to take your time but it is time well spent and an experience second to none.

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Metropolitan Museum of Art

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This article was published on 2010/12/12