How to Get a Girlfriend Easy! 3 Simple Tips

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Stop trying so hard.

If you want to know how to get a girlfriend easy you have to learn the art of attraction. There is a way to create the emotions and feelings in most women that fire up their mating chemistry. Things that will keep you on their minds all day and all night. Things they can't defend against very well, the bad boy thing. So if you've been feeling like a loser with the girls it;s time to change. It's time to bring out the bad boy a little bit.

The basics of the art of attraction are confidence, authority, adventure and naughty fun. Really you possess all of these traits already. Now you just have to release them the right way. Once you start using them you observe how they affect girls and adjust, not too little, not too much. Just a little practice is all it takes. A great place to practice your art is on waitresses during their off peak times. Like around 1PM after the mad lunch rush is over. Waitresses are perfect because they have to approach you and for the most part be nice to you. So you can practice making them laugh with naughty teasing and humor. Give it a try and form a routine that you can use on the next girl that catches your eye.

So anyway I said I'd give you 3 tips. The first is to learn the art of creating attraction. The second is to give your appearance a make over. Visit the dentist if you haven't in a while, spend more than ten dollars on a haircut, if you have plenty of hair see a stylist and keep the hairs on your body neat and clean. If you're follicely challenged give serious consideration to the clean shaven look. No comb overs. The third tip is to get some help from a female friend and make over your wardrobe. Now you don't have to do it all at once. Start with some good shoes, some clean pants and shirts and a nice seasonal jacket.

Extra tip- Being clean and smelling fresh should go without saying. But be careful of using cologne or after shave. They can trigger unpleasant memories and or chemical sensitivities. Best to not find out these things when trying to break the ice or on a first date. Have her help you pick out a brand she likes after you're more established dating her.

Extra-Extra tip- What you say to a girl isn't as important as how you say it. Confidently and with authority but not overbearing. Stay on the look out for funny stories you can use, keep up with current events. Look for things you have in common. Youtube is a great source for funny, interesting things people are talking about.

So to recap. Get clean and smell clean, including your house or apartment. Make over your appearance to enhance your good points. Clean relatively stylish clothes get noticed, positively. And master the art of creating attraction.

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Finding a girlfriend can be difficult if you've never had any coaching. To master the art of creating attraction with women of all ages visit my friend John. He's a master. For other tips and thoughts on getting a girlfriend visit my blog.

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How to Get a Girlfriend Easy! 3 Simple Tips

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This article was published on 2010/04/03
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