Getting a Master's Degree in Arts Management

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An arts management degree prepares an individual to produce innovative fundraising strategies in a world of dwindling resources and dynamic social and cultural change. The position recognizes the arts as a necessary component in life's experience. It is probably best pursued not only by one who has had training in one of art's many disciplines, but also by one who wishes to serve the public as a leader promoting the arts.

Coursework Areas of Specialty

Managing and promoting the arts involves arts management courses concerned with finance, writing, communication, and marketing. For the arts administrator in the profit and nonprofit worlds, budgeting, accounting, and finance are necessary requirements rooting the life strings of arts organizations.

There will be courses in marketing theory calling for the study of various strategies in the profit and nonprofit worlds. Marketing theory rests on an ability to recognize and sample audiences while exploring various techniques to build them. Art is developed as a product requiring strategies of pricing, promotion and distribution.

Writing funding proposals and grants is a considerable skill that can be learned. The art management student will have strong coursework in journalism to produce stories as well as news briefs, programs and brochures, all fitting into an overall tracked marketing strategy.

Developing boards of directors, communicating persuasively among the members while building a consumer base are other areas sharpened by requisite coursework.

Specific arts management courses would include finance and personnel management, legal and business issues, and grad level courses in history, surveys, commercial case studies, and arts literature. Management software, database software for audience development and accounting software are some of the computer-aided resources that may be studied.

Many master's programs offer internships in which the student works and practices skills within an arts organization. The student may produce a master's thesis covering a certain defined approach to the experience.

Hats For Nurturing And Surviving

The master's student pursuing an arts management degree wears two hats: one that nurtures the arts and the other that helps the arts to survive. Many students will understand the nurturing parts. It deals with the rigors of the artist's career. The course of their study in arts administration demands certain rigors as well.

The successful master's student with solid footing will begin to develop perspectives on arts policy and someday may produce peer-reviewed articles on how it survives to thrive in the larger multicultural context.

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Getting a Master's Degree in Arts Management

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Getting a Master's Degree in Arts Management

This article was published on 2011/08/01