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Buying art can be intimidating for anybody but more especially for novice art collectors who do not have all that much experience. Most people hesitate to buy art simply because they are scared that they may spend too much money on pieces that are not worth much, and may never be worth anything. Gaining that eye is an art itself just like any other skill; you have to acquire it and to do that, you must work at it. Anyone willing can be successful in the art business as long as they are willing to work at it.  But it takes time and dedication to learn all the necessary skills in order to become an expert!

Experts in the original art collecting world define the business in four steps: Deciding on art preference, Select a few artists who create that selected art, research those artists, and then negotiate and buy the art for the best price possible.  These steps are crucial in order to do a good business.


Of course, the ultimate step to succeed in this business is to make sure that the art you like is actually an original piece and not a reproduction. Beware of the people trying to steal your money and claim art is original when in fact it is a reprint. In this day, some reprints are done so perfectly, it is hard to tell if the art is original or not. Again, you need to develop that eye to distinguish originals from fakes.


Once comfortable in the ability to weed out originals from reprints, the buyer takes the next step and defines what could become a personal art collection. The buyer should learn the correct art terms so that when dealing with dealers and galleries, the collector knows how to explain what they want in the right price range without making a mistake and purchasing the wrong product.


Once the guidelines have been set, it is time to make a selection! Just like shopping for any other item, the buyer needs to compare prices, vendors and—a huge aspect—quality on original art.


Buyers who are well established in the art industry often get the first bid on new pieces, so buyers may want to be especially adept when searching for original art.


Remember though, buyers, no purchase should be made until you've had time to research the artist and the artwork, and even the artist's history to avoid scams. Some buyers even opt to have the artwork appraised, which is a good way to gain more perspective on the art.


To conclude the purchase, the buyer should make sure they know about the unpredictability of the business, and how the value of pieces can rise and fall over time. As with all purchases, it is possible to negotiate the price for original art and obtain the best price.


Once a buyer has developed that eye, buy art, and began a collection, he or she can truly relish in the satisfying business of art.

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Buy Art Without Fear

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This article was published on 2010/09/25