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Contemporary just means ‘authentic art’ which touches your heart and soul. There is a certain difference between modern art and contemporary art.  Contemporary art is much more socially conscious than any other art form. It displays the artist struggle, to freely interpret the environment both internally and externally. It is influenced by the artist background, experience, culture etc. It is becoming popular day by day. The success of art institution and galleries prove the increasing depth and breath of contemporary art.

Worldwide it has been attracting people with its beauty. People have a special place in their heart for this kind of art. It catches the eye ball of the people no matter which region or country the art work belongs to. Contemporary art is of great significance in harmony to its civilization.

Contemporary art covers a wide variety of range. Art from the period of 1960’s 70’s till now is called contemporary art. It is the mixture of style and emotion. It modifies its phase. The different artist have different background and style, this makes the art different from each other.

Indian Contemporary Art:

To categories Indian fine art, there are many criteria. In this criterion the artist are classified as Oil painters, Acrylic painters, water colorists, terracotta sculptors, installations artists, etc. The artist take inspiration from various sources and style, they still retains the distinct Indian style. Contemporary Indian art is about 40 years old.

Indian contemporary art has won hearts of many people all over the world. Now you can buy this authentic and amazing art at Indian Contemporary Art. It is the mixture of Indian history, culture, religion and diversity.  Modern materials are also used to give it new edge to the contemporary art. Natural fabric material like wool, cotton, silk, linen is used nowadays. The brilliance and imaginative power of these artists can easily impress people.

Art in India has always been an integral part of Indian life. Indian art has reached high level of sophistication and is well recognized all over the globe these days.  Contemporary art prints for sale is your opportunity to buy real and authentic contemporary art. Many artist uses historical style in their art. Now new style is emerging that were never seen before which cannot be categorize to any style of genre.

Contemporary art give us the meaning of the element that have today and also the future rather than what meant in the past.


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Be a proud owner of classic and authentic art

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Be a proud owner of classic and authentic art

This article was published on 2013/03/16